philips style flood light
Product Mode 100W-2
Light bead type and quantity 2835*120
Power(220V) 100W
Working voltage range AC 198-242V
Lamp efficiency ≥90%
PF ≥0.99
THD ≤15%
Electrical strength 1500V
Irritation angle(°) 49*92
Ra ≥80
CCT 5700K-6500K
Luminous efficacy 90 Lm /W
Luminous flux 9000 Lm
Working Temperature -40~45° C
Life expectancy 30000 hrs
Lightning protection level(L+N) ≥6KV
IP IP 65
Net weight 4.72 Kg
Size of inner box packing(CM) 53x7.0x34(1 pcs)
Carton packing size(CM) 56 x30x36(4 pcs)
Gross weight 21.2Kg
Product Mode 100W-2
Light bead type and quantity 2835*120
Power(220V) 100W
Working voltage range AC 198-242V
Lamp efficiency ≥90%
PF ≥0.99
THD ≤15%
Electrical strength 1500V
Irritation angle(°) 49*92
Ra ≥80
CCT 5700K-6500K
Luminous efficacy 90 Lm /W
Luminous flux 9000 Lm
Working Temperature -40~45° C
Life expectancy 30000 hrs
Lightning protection level(L+N) ≥6KV
IP  IP 65
Net weight 4.72 Kg
Size of inner box packing(CM) 53x7.0x34(1 pcs)
Carton packing size(CM) 56 x30x36(4 pcs)
Gross weight 21.2Kg
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