LED Ceiling Spot Light for Accent Lighting
1.3000K 4000K 5000K Beam angle can be changed from 18 to 50 degree
3.rotating adjustable 360 degree,0-90degree vertically adjustable
4.Black (The finish color can be customized for your need)
5.this item can be customized with dimmable,0-10V dimming and triac dimming
6.400lm,CRI>94,1pc COB
7. for museum and gallery lighting,restaurant table lighting
8.Two version,surface mounted and 2wires 3 wires 4wires European track
-With good cooling design, efficient heat dissipation.
-Use this track spot light for art gallery and jewelry showcase is perfect.

10w Dimmable LED Ceiling Mounted Shop Lights for Restaurant Table with Honeycomb Filter

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